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tability and continuity of ▓the country's foreign ex▓change management p▓olicy and safeguard market entities' legitimat

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my and the country's comprehensive op▓ening up, Yi pledged.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan


currency deva

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luation of

Code to follow u▓s on WechatChina regrets U.S. decision to label China currency manipulatorChina regrets U.S. decision to

China's t

radin▓g partners,

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na curr▓ency manipulatorChina regrets U.S. de▓cision to label China cu▓rrency manipula▓tor08-06-2019 17:18 BJTBEIJING, Aug

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. 6 -- Chi


na deeply▓ regrets the U.S. Treasury's ▓decision to label China▓ "a currency manipulator," the People's Ban▓k of China said


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Tuesday.Such a

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 label on China does▓ not meet the quantitative criteria for the so-called "currency manipu▓lator" set by the U.S. Treas


Song added.MARKET-DE

ury, the c


entral bank said in a statement.The U.S. label▓ing is an arbitrary unilateral and protectionist practice, which seriously





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    ommitted to the prom

    ificantly impact the global economy and financial ma▓rkets, it said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on In▓stagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatUS buck passing st▓rategy off

  • ises on excha

    nge rates made at ▓all

    ers no w▓ay forwardUS buck passing strategy offers no way forwardUS buck passing strategy offers no way forward08-06-2019 09:21 BJTPlease scan the QR Code to▓ follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR ▓Code to follow us on WechatC

  • G20 summits a

    nd abide ▓by a market

    hina again urges U.S.▓ side to stop interfering in ▓Hong Kong affairsChina again urges▓ U.S. side to stop interfering in Hong Kong affair▓sChina again urges U.S.

  • -determined ex

    change rate

    si▓de to stop interfering i▓n Hong Kong affairs08-06-2019 09:18 BJTPlea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramP▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on We▓chatRussia to produce INF-banned missile

  • system, th▓e PBOC

    s if U.S. d▓oes so: PutinRussia to

    governor Yi Gan

    g said Mon



    titive dev

    aluatio▓n, the co

    produce INF-banned missiles if U.S. does so: Puti▓nRussia to produce INF-bann▓ed missiles if U.S.▓ does so: Putin08-06-2019 09:13 B

    untry will n

    JTRussian President Vladimir Putin c

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